29 May 2015

Public Sector Cloud

Implementing cloud solutions in a Public Sector environment is tricky.  There are challenges with:
  • Security
  • Data residency
  • Data protection
  • Law
Yet Governments continue to see cloud technology as a way forward to simplify their IT estates and reduce costs.

In order to achieve a viable solution, let alone one that meets the stated benefit objectives we need some sort of reference architecture.

I have had a go at creating one that I have put onto Slideshare and embedded here:

1 May 2015

Mobile in Government

I was asked last week about my point of view on mobile in Government.  Handily enough I was able to point them at a white paper I co-wrote a few years ago.  It is a couple of years old but I think still relevant.

The paper talks about the different use cases of mobile and looks at aspects not only from a Business to Consumer (B2C) perspective but also from a Business to Employee (B2E) point of view.

You can download the PDF from the IBM web site.