Enterprise Workloads in Public Cloud

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Enterprise workloads in public cloud? Not very many actually, and it seems to have been a bit stuck for the last 6 years! 

It is interesting, based on some research from IBM about 3 years ago, it was determined that only about 20% of the world's IT workloads had moved to public cloud. This chart supports that view. What I find most interesting is, for the past 6 years, how flat the percentage moved is (sticking firmly around 20%) and how the "in 3 years time it will be better" percentage clearly has not materialised so far. 

This could mean 2 things: 

1) Hybrid across cloud and not-cloud is going to be here for a very long time (at least until The Next Big Thing To Replace comes along) and the notion of 100% cloud will be rare - I am assuming the 20% moved includes all of those cases where VMs have just been lift and shifted to cloud without any major transformation - the transformation to make better use of the cloud platform is where the benefits come from though) 

2) What this blog describes as ‘gradually, then suddenly’ occurs when there is a sudden big shift all in one go - similar to the big consumer shift from computers to mobiles a while back. 

 I personally think it is (1) because I have seen the state of lots of IT estates and a lot of it is never going to move to cloud unless it is rebuilt from scratch, and there is no business case for that most of the time. 

Goes back to something I have said for years: No one size will fit all. Therefore we need to be pragmatic when it comes to designing future states and expecting (embracing?) complexity to muddy the nice clean architecture vision!